Not more stuff. Egads, no! You’re tired of “stuff” filling up your life. And we’re not just talking physical clutter. We’re talking exhaustion and overwhelm, stress and anxiety. We’re talking about dis-ease in body and spirit. And you’re tired—oh so tired!—of “quick fixes,” fractured answers and an energy tank that’s running on fumes.


Right? Ready to feel BALANCED, HEALTHY and ALIGNED. You are ready to take back your power and live a life that fills rather than depletes you! And you want it to last. Oh boy, do you want it to last!


And you don’t want complicated, mystical rituals or calling your spirit guide every day for answers.


A proven system for understanding your personal patterns—your very own “energy map”—and tools to help you adjust course and get the results you desire.

So did we.


All the information you need to master your energy, none of the fluff you don’t.

“Some people are woo-woo, some are woo-curious. Prior to Chakra Charged, I was neither. As a Type A personality used to dealing with workflow, metrics, and absolute thought, the idea of measuring an invisible force (energy) was a little beyond me. But through my work with Chakra Charged and the World Tree Institute, I have found deeper ways to connect to my instinct, find release from stress, and protect my ever-sensitive soul from outside opposition. Surprise, surprise, I actually was woo-curious…curious for the results that working WITH my chakras (instead of against them) brought. Thank you WTI for being just that amazing.

Sarah Paikai, HI

CEO, Dominate Your Systems


Chakra Charged™ University is a self-study online course designed to give you everything you need to know to master your energy so you can open the pathway to your intuitive gifts. We make it simple and expansive with over 7 sections (more than 35 modules!!!) of material broken down into manageable, bite-sized pieces. And everything is designed to build on what you learned before, helping you move from chakra novice to guru in a rapid, yet easy-to-understand manner.

All at your own pace.

No waiting for someone else. No feeling rushed to move ahead before you’re ready.

With the Chakra Charged™ University self-study online course, you will learn how to

  • Read the “energy map” of your life—see and understand YOUR patterns and what they indicate is happening in your chakras.
  • Make the adjustments that will create the most impact—apply the right tool for the right job at the right time to improve chakra health, attracting abundance and increasing positive energy.
  • Chakra Charge your life! Move past “normal” and into the life and business of your dreams!
  • Harness chakra knowledge to help you tap into your intuitive potential and understand your intuitive gifts



This value-packed online course is for you if

  • You are curious! Whether a new intuitive, woo-curious or an established “energy hippie,” you are open and ready to take the next step in your intuitive journey
  • You crave something more in your life. (And we’re not talking more stuff. Egad!) We’re talking more clarity, meaning, energy, fulfillment, abundance… MORE LIVING!
  • You are accountable for what’s yours and desire to let go of what isn’t
  • You try to live in a 5:1 happy quotient! You know crap happens (life isn’t all hearts and rainbow-farting unicorns), but you also try to see that golden lining
  • You are willing to take action! Sure you’re nervous and it pushes you outside your comfort zone, but if the tools can help you get the results you’ve been searching for, you’re willing to try… if someone will show you the steps (Don’t worry, we got you!)
  • You choose growth over comfort. You can deal with resistance and tension as long as it means not staying the same
  • You are ready to change the world! Your world first so you can better help people shift theirs

“I was feeling directionless and needed something new in my life. I was ready for change. Within months after learning about my chakra health and getting real tools to improve my energy flow, I got word from my agent that I had booked a major national commercial. By keeping my thoughts clear and focused on what I wanted, I’ve been able to book countless print and reel advertisements, and I’ve been able to navigate the movement of people in and out of my life with greater ease.”

Kimo, NY

NYC Actor

Chakra Charged™ University Curriculum

We have PACKED this course with so much awesomeness your brain might explode! But not to worry, we’ve put in some fail-safes for you to prevent this from happening.

That’s why we’ve divided our curriculum into 2 main courses… Core and Master’s.

Core registration is going to give you everything you need to know to get started: the FUNdementals, a deep-dive into Meet the Chakras, and the WTI Tackle Box that contains all the tools for balancing and strengthening your chakras.

Master’s is where the magic happens. This up-leveled course is the place to take your journey from managing chakra health to becoming a manifesting master! Not only do you receive all the information from Core, you also receive training in Masculine & Feminine Energy, Chakra Charged Creation Boards, Chakra Charged Declarations and helping the littles in your life through Chakra Charged Kids.

So no matter where you are in your journey, we have a place for you in Chakra Charged™ University!

And the bestest part?!! You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content of your course! That means forever. 

Core Enrollment

Section 1: Energy FUNdamentals

This section is an orientation and exploration of the basics, including an expanded what, who, how, where, why of the chakras and a more complete list of energy terms as well as the basic FAQs that will set you up for success! Things get real with an insider look at the Turetzky energy model and why it’s a game changer. (This module is ridiculously delicious!)

Section 2: Meet the Chakras

Put on your scuba gear because we’re going deep with each individual chakra! This section takes you through each chakra, one at a time, and expands your understanding of its purpose, function, body connection, partner chakra, paired energy system and indicators of imbalance (including gland issues and addictions!) that make it simple to identify what’s working and what isn’t.

Section 3: The WTI Tackle Box

Now that you know how to identify imbalances, we’ll teach you the exact tools and techniques we use to achieve optimum chakra health! Not only how to use each tool (step-by-step instructions), but when and why as well! You’ll get the inside track on faster, less invasive energy healing. And it’s simple. We promise. By the end of this section we’ll have you working with this energy system, rather than against it!

Master’s Enrollment

All of the core sections plus…

Section 4: Masculine & Feminine Energy

Too many people have confused society-based masculine and feminine roles with the functions of masculine and feminine energy. They are not the same, people! Science can back us up that, as humans, we are both masculine AND feminine… made from dad AND mom. It’s not about choosing one or the other, it’s about learning how to utilize both to accomplish our goals.

Section 5: Chakra Charged Creation Boards

(The training clients have begged for!) Also known as a vision board, our creation board training is the only one that teaches you how to align your intentions and desire with the Chakras so you can see (with your eyeballs!) exactly which chakra is in flow and which isn’t. Even more, you’ll know how to adjust quickly in order to get your creation board flowing. Be warned, this section is for action takers and can create results so fast it scares you! (Yes, you are that powerful.)

Section 6: Chakra Charged Declarations

You met Declarations in The WTI Tackle Box, but that was just the surface. We take declarations 10 levels deeper for the person who really wants to chakra charge their life! Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! Get the words and formulas to craft meaningful declarations infused with chakra power that make your heart sing and your chakras buzz. Mmm Mmm DELICIOUS!

Section 7: Chakra Charged Kids

Children are facing insane challenges (bullying, suicide, etc) at younger and younger ages. Isn’t it time to help our kids feel empowered rather than helpless? Chakra Charged Kids takes many of the same tools from The Tackle Box and tweaks them to be kid friendly. No need to try to figure out how to make it work, we’ve already done the testing and adjusting for you!

If you even have a 1{88eec5212c1fc883e630dff6a24569d0e515c4518286069afe28721a394a0a7b} feeling that this course will blow your socks off and help you manifest the life that you really, REALLY want, we have an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER for you!

(Seriously, Team. It’s SOO good!)

Bonus Bonanza!

Still on the fence? Okay, we’ve got more for you. Because we want you to have everything you need to master your energy, we’re also including each companion principle from our Learn Chakras Fast™ mini course in one, convenient location! So whether you watched all of Learn Chakras Fast™ or not, you have insider access right here!

BONUS 1: Awareness

Our mini course video on the steps to creating awareness in your life and tracking patterns.

BONUS 2: Claiming

Our mini course video on the steps to claiming what you want with greater humanity and effectiveness.

BONUS 3: Qualities vs Roles

Our mini course video on helping you separate who you are from what you do.

BONUS 4: Momentum

Our mini course video teaching you the WTI Momentum formula for getting the most distance out of your choices and goals.

BONUS 5: Choice

Our mini course video teaching you the 4 Levels of Choice and how choosing in at the highest level can change your life.

BONUS 6: Forgiveness

Our mini course video teaching you how to take the first steps of forgiveness and set yourself for letting go of the things that don’t serve you.

BONUS 7: Using the LCF Quick Reference

Our mini course video teaching you how to use the Learn Chakras Fast™ Quick Reference sheet.

“Such an amazing experience! You made a totally new concept so approachable and clear. I feel like I can immediately apply these principles to my everyday life after only one day. Thank you for opening my eyes. Excited to learn more!”

Yancy, NY

NYC Actor


Truthfully, you could probably go your whole life never knowing a single thing about chakras. But here’s the DL (“down low” for those who need a translation), understanding these chakra basics gives you power to do something different.

To create change.

Change designed and implemented by you! Rather than someone else wanting to do it for you or pushing you to places you don’t want to (or are not ready to!) go.

That choice, friend, when made by you is powerful.


Seriously, what if you could…

  • Quickly identify the pattrens keeping you stuck and know how to tweak them to get the results you desire
  • Know how to “check in” on each chakra and balance them as needed
  • Improve your mood and move through difficult emotions more quickly (and in a way that serves you!)
  • Release guilt and shame for perceived failings
  • Shift quickly back into alignment when your behavior doesn’t reflect who you really want to be
  • Forgive yourself and others more easily and with greater conviction
  • Increase your energy
  • Experience your life and relationships the way you want
  • Build deeper connections with the people you desire to have in your life
  • Increase your health physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
  • Feel more contentment and a deeper peace in your life
  • Strengthen your mind-body connection to better understand what both are trying to tell you
  • Feel more confident in who you are and the choices you make
  • Gain more clarity, allowing you to choose in to a higher level of living
  • Step more wholly into yourself, your life and your purpose, raising the vibration of your family, community and planet as you raise your own!

All of this is possible and more when you Chakra Charge your life!

The mentors at The World Tree Institute do not disappoint. When I finally decided to choose all-in, amazing things started to happen. I started to feel a weight lift from my shoulders and my life didn’t seem so dismal and negative. For the first time in my life, I’m excited for the future.

Shawn, UT

Domestic Engineer



  • Lifetime Access to…
  • First 3 Sections

  • 1. Energy FUNdamentals
  • 2. Meet the Chakras
  • 3. The WTI Tackle Box
  • Section Worksheets

  • Everything you need to get your chakras in balance!

“[The World Tree Institute] creates an environment that is so loving and open. They feed information in an incredibly palatable way—it is never overwhelming despite the HOLY SH** that happens when pieces start falling into place.

Clinton, NY

NYC Actor

If that doesn’t rock your world, then we have one last firework to light…

30-Day, 100{88eec5212c1fc883e630dff6a24569d0e515c4518286069afe28721a394a0a7b} Satisfaction Guarantee

That’s right, you get a 30-Day Guarantee!

We want to make this decision as easy as possible for you. So don’t worry if the course will turn out exactly as you hope. If you don’t feel it’s rocked your socks off within the first 30-days, simply email us at and we’ll refund your full enrollment fee. No stress!


You do not want to miss what they have to offer. I love The World Tree Institute so much! Thanks for changing my world and helping me to see and choose into unlocking my true potential!”

Chelsea, UT

Mompreneur, Usborne Books

“Thank you so flipping much for putting your light and wisdom out into the universe. Seriously. I’m just like… Wow.”

Brandtley, UT

Music Therapist

I feel more in tune with myself and I feel like I will be able to understand my interactions with others better as well. I am excited to keep learning about myself in this way and to deepen my experience of life.”

Emily, NY

NYC Actor

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